Pride & Joy Learning Center, Inc opened its doors in Sept 1991 with about fifteen 3 & 4 year old children. We are now a school of 120 children 12 months old through Kindergarten.

Hi, my name is Linda Rademacher, but everyone calls me Miss Linda. I started P&J with my 2 sisters and with the financial support of our mother in 1991. My husband, Paul built the building in 1990 for my mom after my dad died in 1987. My family moved to

Florida from Michigan in 1974, the year I graduated from college. I received my first Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I worked my first year as a second grade teacher.   I continued my education and also received a BS degree in Early Childhood Education.  I met my husband, Paul in our church and we married in 1977. We have two grown children who graduated from colleges in TN and both married in 2002.  We are proud grandparents to three little boys, Caleb, Jacob and Zach.

Even though we started our school with only 3 & 4 yr olds, with some 'gentle' persuasion of our school moms, we eventually had grades up through fifth grade.  At that time, we had a fully equipped gym with Karate, Dance and Gymnastics. With the addition of our upper grades, we added a second name to our school, "Young Christian Academy". In 2001, we were quickly growing out of space, so we decided to drop our 2nd thru 5th grades to make more room for pre-school classrooms. With the exit of our "big" kids, we dropped Karate and sold all the gym equipment. We again were being 'gently' persuaded to accept babies as several of our moms were 'expecting'. We had fun remodeling our gym to make a Wobbler room for 12 to 23 month olds who joined us in the Fall of 2001. We call these precious little ones our "Wobblers".

As of September 2013 we will begin our 22nd year here at Pride & Joy.  We have seen hundreds of children come and go. We are proud to have had a part in the education and nurturing of these children. Some of our children, who are now high school and college students, have come back to volunteer or work summers with us. It`s amazing how time flies. Once again, we welcome you to call and make an appointment to tour our school, meet our teachers, and see our children at work & play.


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