PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is a non-public school and is committed to the care and education of young children and seeks to provide a curriculum that reflects their various needs and that is based on high moral character as revealed in the Bible. We believe that the parent has the responsibility for educating and nurturing the child. We also recognize that the school must work together with the family to achieve a well-rounded environment for the child to grow in.


PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. aspires to be more than a Pre-School / Elementary School. We believe in motivating a child through consistent and stimulating input. To accomplish this, various activities are provided. They include "hands-on" experience in music, phonics, numbers, physical play, art and science projects, dramatic play, American Sign Language, Spanish, and many other activities.

PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is here to enhance the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and nutritional growth of children ages 1 thru 6 yr olds. Planned and spontaneous activities play an enriched part in a special environmental setting to assist each child in reaching his or her potential. We will also share with our children that God is the creator of the universe and the Supreme being and that Jesus is God and He came to earth as a man, lived 33 1/2 years and died on the cross for our sins. He resurrected after 3 days and became the Life-giving Spirit so we can accept Him as our Savior. We will be sharing Bible stories with our children and will be singing Bible songs along with many other musical activities.


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