PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is a private school with wonderful teachers and families in a caring, Christian environment. The growth and success of P&J has been the direct result of the Lord's blessing and an outstanding academic program beginning with our one year old Wobblers, straight up to our Kindergarten Class. Because we have just a strong parent/family support, our children excel here and in their future educational endeavors. We are not boasting, but we have 18 years of little Pride & Joys out there who have made us so proud of their academic achievements. 


Our Wobblers are babies 12 to 23 months old as of Sept. 1st. They are experiencing the world in new and exciting ways as they begin to walk, try to talk, begin playing with kids their own size and explore their big, new world outside their home. Our teachers who are privileged to work with these little people provide an enriched learning environment and personalized care. This helps toddlers learn at their own pace with confidence to support successful learning in the years to come.


As our little Wobblers become independent two-year olds, we begin to emphasize the fundamentals of letters, counting and numbers, sounds of letters, colors, and shapes. Knowing children develop at their own pace, we expose all our little students to more than they could know, and we are constantly amazed at what they absorb and what they can do.



Teachers are quick to provide a safe, secure surrounding as these little people develop self-confidence. At two, children may be able to count items up to 10 and will be able to identify colors and shapes. We use September 1st to determine a child's age for the current school year.

K2 Class: 24-35 Months



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