PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is a private school with wonderful teachers and families in a caring, Christian environment. The growth and success of P&J has been the direct result of the Lord`s blessing and an outstanding academic program beginning with our one year old Wobblers, straight up through our Kindergarten class.  Because we have such strong parent/family support, our children excel at P&J and in their future educational endeavors.  We are not boasting, we have 18 years of little Pride & Joys out there who have made us so proud of their academic achievements.

Our K4 - Pre-K program provides an excellent introduction to reading phonetically.  Beginning in our K2 and K3 classes, we begin teaching that letters have a name and they have a sound.  So by the time our little students come to our K4 classes, they will review all their letters and sounds.  In the early months of the K4 class, all the vowels - a,e,i,o,u - will make only the short vowel sound.  Within a month, the K4 students will be blending short vowels and consonants together using every letter with every vowel.  This is exciting for them!!  Shortly, they will be reading words and short sentences.  We use a curriculum called A Beka Book.  With this, we begin sending home little reading books--which we ask parents to read with their child each evening.  Children are so proud to read with whoever will listen to them .  They love to 'show-off'!!!

By the end of the K4 year, children will be using the 5 long vowels and will learn some of the 'rules' of the English language.  This method opens up millions of words to our little pride & joys.  It is a wonderful program.

At Pride & Joy, children begin early knowing that learning is fun and exciting.  They are proud to have reading homework most nights.  This valuable beginning forms good habits for the future of your child.  This foundation gives our children a strong head-start on future study skills and is a wonderful self-esteem builder as reading is fundamental to most other subjects in school.



As a general rule, K4 students must be four years old as of September 1st to be in our K4 class--although we have made a few exceptions.  We always consider the child when making any adjustments to class placement.


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