PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is a private school with wonderful teachers and families in a caring, Christian environment. The growth and success of P&J has been the direct result of the Lord`s blessing and an outstanding academic program beginning with our one year old Wobblers, straight up to our Kindergarten Class.  Because we have such strong parent/family support, our children excel at Pride & Joy and in their future educational endeavors.  We are not boasting but we have 18 years of little Pride & Joys out there who have made us so proud of their academic achievements.

At Pride & Joy Learning Center, all of our children learn very early that school is fun and learning is exciting.  Our teachers are wonderful people who have a geniune love for children and a passion for teaching.

As a continuation of our K2 class, our K3 students will begin matching letters with letter sounds and will begin to trace letters as they review items that begin with that sound. These little ones will master their colors and shapes this year. At this stage, the five vowels - a,e,i,o,u - only make their short sound. We have fun traveling with Button Bear and Amber Lamb to countries where we learn what animals live in these countries and what special things we can learn about them.  Amber Lamb also teaches us character traits, such as kindness, honesty. and fairness.  We love music and Bible stories at this age. Kindergarten for 3 year olds=K3 is a big change from the K2 class.  There is much more time following directions, lots of movement by cooperatiing with the teacher and classmates, exploring and discovering what's in a book and why reading is so interesting and important and so many other interesting things.


Our K4 - PreK program provides an excellent introduction to reading phonetically. Beginning with letters and sounds, students will progress to blending consonants and short vowel sounds, to reading words, sentences, and stories in their own reading books which they take home nightly to 'show off' to you beginning in November or December.  So we get started working to this end in our K2 & K3 classes.  We use a curriculum called A Beka Book.  It is an excellent program and we have 18 years proof that children love it and thrive using it.




As a general rule,  our K3 childen should be 3 year olds as of September 1st. We have made exceptions but we  always consider the child's well-being and future and many other factors before making an adjustment to where a child is placed.


K4 Classes: 4-5 Year Olds


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