Our K2 class is a special class!  We have only the sweetest little monkey doodles in this classroom.  Although it is a big step for them to come from our Wobbler room where our littles ones are quite 'spoiled', the children adjust very well.  Parents have a little harder time!  We no longer allow pacifers or bottles, even at naptime.  We no longer refrigerate or microwave their lunches.  We begin providing the morning  and afternoon snacks.  We still have a sippy cup with water for them all day.  Parents still provide the lunch including their lunchtime drink.

K2 children no longer need to bring in their own play-yard for naptime--they sleep on their own little mat which we provide for each child who stays past 12:30 each day.  We provide the fitted sheet and top blanket.  We wash the linens and mats weekly so you never have to take any bedding home.  Parents still bring in two changes of clothing for their little one.  Remember to bring in a jacket or sweatshirts when the weather cools off.

Our K2's are ready to start a 'formal' education by now.  We use the A Beka curriculum with them beginning from the first day of school.  Our children will enjoy meeting Amber Lamb as she introduces letters and the sounds each letter makes.  They also meet Button Bear who helps to make learning numbers so much fun.  They will have fun learning that letters have names and sounds. Most will not learn all 26 letter names and sounds but many will learn most of them.  Button Bear helps them remember numbers and number concepts.  We work on shapes and color recognition by playing many games.   Our children learn early on that school is fun and learning in exciting.


K3 Classes: 3-4 Year Olds


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