PRIDE & JOY LEARNING CENTER, INC. is a private school with wonderful teachers and families in a caring, Christian environment. The growth and success of P&J has been the direct result of the Lord`s blessing and an outstanding academic program beginning with our one year old Wobblers, straight up to our Kindergarten class.  because we have such strong parent/family suuport, our children excel at P&J and in their future educational endeavors.  We are not boasting, we have 18 years of little Pride & Joys out there who have made us so proud of their academic successes.

Kindergarten is a place to solidify the reading skills our little students practiced in his or her K4 class. They will review short vowel words and learn the rules of 2-vowel words which begin the long vowel sounds. Our students begin blending 2 consonants together to make 'special sounds' like br, st, and pl. This opens a whole new world of new words to them. Besides reading, your child will learn to count by 1`s, 2`s, 5`s, & 10`s to 100 and recognize the numbers before and after and many other arithmetic facts. Our K5 class also has lessons in Health and Safety, Discovering God`s World=Science, Our America, Community Helpers and Bible. We also introduce our Kindergartners to basic Spanish and Sign Language. Students generally should be 5 years old by Sept. 1st to enroll in Kindergarten.


Your child`s future academic success depends upon a solid foundation. Pride & Joy is equipped to provide a learning program with proven academic results. We encourage our families to begin school in K3 class and attend for four years, through our First Grade. In First Grade, our students will master many of the exceptions to the rules of our English language opening up thousands of more words to them. The Arithmetic skills at this level are strong and your child`s general knowledge will result in above average excellence in school. At the end of First Grade, our children can read basically everything they enjoy reading, which helps them in all of their other academic subjects.


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